A Little About Dr. Craig Curtis


Scientific Advances in Natural Pain Relief was Written with Our Customers in Mind.

Writing under the name C.M. Curtis, Dr. Craig Curtis has had the good fortune of seeing six of his novels reach #1 bestseller status on amazon.com in their category.                                      

During his more than 30 year career as a chiropractic physician and doctor of functional medicine, Dr. Curtis has also worked as a health/nutrition radio talk show host, a newspaper columnist and a public speaker, lecturing on numerous health-related subjects, including natural pain control.                                                                          

He writes non-fiction, health-related books under his professional name, Dr. Craig Curtis, D.C.  B.C.C.T.  F.I.A.C.T.

Over the years, those lucky individuals who have had the opportunity of consulting Dr. Curtis to address their pain issues have profoundly benefited from his vast experience in treating individuals suffering from various pain related conditions. A relentless advocate of natural healing and good nutrition, Curtis is a strong believer in the saying, "You become what you eat". 

He adds, "Your quality of life is built around your daily attitude, which I believe is the hallmark of happiness."

Whether teaching, healing or promoting a natural approach to pain relief, much of what Dr. Curtis has learned and put into practice is contained in his latest book, Scientific Advances in Natural Pain Relief. 

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