Menthonol FAQ's


What makes Menthonol® different from other pain creams?

 Besides including a unique combination of well-known pain relieving ingredients (menthol, camphor, arnica oil, emu oil), Menthonol is the only pain cream that combines those ingredients with SEANOL-S, a powerful extract from marine algae with potent healing properties.  No other pain cream includes SEANOL-S.    


What is SEANOL-S?

SEANOL is a highly purified polyphenol complex extracted from the Ecklonia cava algae (seaweed) that is harvested off the coast of Korea.  Over $35 million dollars and 15 years has been spent on research supporting SEANOL's development.  This research has led to the discovery of several significant healing properties of SEANOL, including support of healthy blood vessel function, promotion of healthy blood viscosity for optimal flow, maintenance of healthy lipid levels, and the removal of free radicals and toxins by this powerful, unique marine polyphenol antioxidant complex*.  SEANOL-S is extracted from SEANOL and is specifically structured to enhance the absorption and efficacy of products applied topically. 


How does Menthonol work? 

Menthonol’s synergistic and unique ingredients combine to deliver potent penetrating relief from aches and pains interfering with everyday living and activities.  Menthonol penetrates deep below the skin into muscles and tissue to soothe and heal stiff, sore muscles and joints. 


Why does Menthonol provide long-lasting relief from sore muscles and joint pain?

The two primary factors contributing to Menthonol’s sustained pain relieving effects are the molecular profile of SEANOL-S and the time-release technologies applied to other ingredients. 

SEANOL-S’s potency is partially derived from its “bi-polar” chemical characteristics. It has both “hydrophilic” (water soluble) and “hydrophobic” (not water soluble) polyphenol molecules.  Hydrophilic polyphenols, including those found in land-based plants are metabolized and efficacious for a relatively short period of time.  However, some of the polyphenol molecules in SEANOL-S are “hydrophobic” and the systemic efficacies and healing effects of these water-insoluble molecules generally last significantly longer than benefits attributable to hydrophilic polyphenols.  As a result, this unique “bi-polar” effect of SEANOL-S provides relatively long periods of efficacy, including a quick “boost” from the water-soluble polyphenols followed by a sustained “lift” from the non-water soluble polyphenols.


 How often should I apply Menthonol? 

Our general recommendation is that Menthonol not be applied more than 3-4 times per day.  Reduce the number of daily applications if any skin irritation occurs and discontinue use if skin irritation lasts more than 2 days. 


How long does a bottle of Menthonol last?

A Single Bottle of Menthonol will last you up to 2 months with average use.  


Can I or should I give up my current pain medications?

No. You should not change any medication plan prescribed by your physician. Menthonol is intended to supplement the symptom management program you may have developed with your physician.  You and your physician together should determine whether you no longer require any other medications.  Every person is different, so some may be able to reduce other treatments in time, while some may find that just adding Menthonol to what they are already using is the most effective way forward in improving their quality of life.


Is Menthonol safe for pregnant women and children?

If pregnant or breastfeeding we strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before using Menthonol or adding any other new products to your health routine.

Teen-agers may use Menthonol.  As with most other topical products, younger children should consult with their physician before using Menthonol.  


Is SEANOL-S safe?

SEANOL-S is very safe.  SEANOL is a food substance, not a pharmaceutical or other synthetic product.  People in Asia have been consuming the seaweed from which SEANOL is extracted for centuries.  The safety of SEANOL was validated by the US Food & Drug Administration’s approval of SEANOL as a New Dietary Ingredient (October, 2008).  The extensive research done on SEANOL was a critical element in achieving this difficult to obtain designation from the FDA.  It is the only extract from Ecklonia cava that has been approved as a New Dietary Ingredient.


Why is Menthonol so expensive?

The key ingredient in Menthonol, SEANOL-S, is a very expensive raw material due to the extensive extraction process used to achieve high purity in polyphenol content. It is more expensive in its pure form than many precious metals by weight. 


I do not have a credit card (or a computer or Internet access).   How can I purchase Menthonol?

Send your request to: JP Renew Distributors LLC, P.O. Box 590487, San Francisco, CA 94159 and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


What is the refund or return policy for purchasers of Menthonol?

To receive a refund of your purchase price, you only need to send a request for a refund and an explanation of why you are requesting a refund to: or JP Renew Distributors LLC, P.O. Box 590487, San Francisco, CA 94159. A refund of the purchase price will be sent to you.




*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). JP Renew Distributors LLC products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary from person to person


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