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If you are the kind of person that loves to read science and wants to know what makes a product special…and if you love below.

SEANOL-S:  A patented highly purified blend of polyphenols with a unique combination of potent antioxidant and pro-circulatory health properties that improve the condition and flow of blood to reduce stresses that impair cellular health and healing processes.  It is the result of more than 20 years and over $35 million dollars of developmental research including extensive pre-clinical and clinical studies. 

Seanol-S includes both water and oil soluble marine polyphenols that impact a broad spectrum of bioactivities.  This proprietary blend of polyphenols enables Seanol-S to positively impact more biomolecules and cellular functions than land based polyphenols.  Seanol-S molecules also include more phenol structures than land-based polyphenols and these larger, longer-chain attributes enhance Seanol-S’s free-radical scavenging and toxin removal properties significantly beyond other polyphenols.

Seanol-S’s unique molecular structures allow it to effectively reduce oxidative stress for improved cellular health, function, and repair.  Seanol-S’s extraordinary abilities to scavenge free radicals have been confirmed in numerous published scientific studies.  

SEANOL-S Healing Properties:

  • In inflamed or stressed tissues, oxidative stress is present due to various free radicals and a decrease in the antioxidant defense system. Since oxidative stress is both a cause and result of inflammation, there is a positive feedback between it and inflammation.  Therefore it is crucial to reduce oxidative stress together with inflammation in chronically stressed tissues.  Compounds in Seanol-S have been demonstrated to have potent antioxidant effects in various assay systems
  • Anti-oxidant properties with broad spectrum potency scavenge free radicals impairing cellular function and supports repair, recovery, and overall cell health
  • Extensive range of anti-oxidant protection derived from both hydrophilic and hydrophobic polyphenol (phlorotannin) molecules
  • Supports the balance of enzymes needed to optimize blood viscosity.
  • Activation of plasmin thru inhibition of anti-plasmin improves blood flow and viscosity.
  • Healthy blood vessels normally contract or relax, depending on the demand for blood supply. Cells impaired by oxidative stress produce enzymes that cause blood vessels to excessively contract, impeding the flow of blood. This condition is often exacerbated by diet, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. The polyphenols in Seanol-S support the normal contraction and relaxation of blood vessels by inhibiting enzymes that impede vascular flexibility and function.
  • Elastase agonist effect improves flexibility of blood vessels  

Blood vessels normally contract (small diameter) or relax (large diameter) depending the demands on circulating blood supply.  However, in tissue under various stresses, the nearby peripheral blood vessels are often in a state of contraction rather than relaxation due to the effects of certain enzymes.  The relaxation of blood vessels is mediated by normal function of endothelial cells recognizing the blood demand through changes in shear force inside the blood vessel.  Neurotransmitters secreted by cells signal the relaxation of blood vessels and in response endothelial cells issue signals for further relaxation.  Seanol-S have been shown to have significant positive vasodilatory effects upon blood vessel function.

Peripheral circulation flows primarily thru smaller diameter blood vessels, including capillaries and arterioles.  In capillaries, red blood cells generally pass in single file, and are essential for supplying nutrients, oxygen and hormones necessary for normal functions of the cells being serviced.

When tissue is impacted by unhealthy conditions due to trauma, overuse, exercise-induced damage, or other adverse conditions, the tissue and its surrounding area becomes inflamed and circulation is often inhibited around the affected tissue.  This response is highly beneficial in terms of defense against bacterial attack.  However, this mechanism often persists even after healing has occurred and can cause chronic conditions including compromised peripheral circulation and pain.  These conditions primarily arise from excessive contraction of peripheral blood vessels and hyper-coagulation of blood.  Since capillaries and arterioles are very small in diameter, small increases in blood viscosity and/or decreases in vascular diameter can become critical causes of increased resistance to healing blood flow.

The healing properties of Seanol-S directly mitigate the issues of compromised peripheral circulation by easing blood flow, widening or relaxing peripheral blood vessels, and improving conditions that impair healthy blood circulation.  The combined synergy of these functions gives Seanol-S the potential to exert a potent positive effect on peripheral circulation.

Cells are under constant attack from free radicals that cause increased oxidative stress and make cells lose their ability to function optimally.  Since oxidative stress is not only a cause, but also a result of impaired cellular function, it is crucial to utilize powerful antioxidants that target both.  Ongoing impairment of cellular function can lead to increases in the levels of certain enzymes or biomarkers present in distressed health states.  A number of studies have demonstrated that the polyphenols in Seanol-S inhibit the expression of iNOS and other enzymes.  By reducing free radicals and inhibiting enzymes that impede vascular flexibility and function, Seanol-S can improve blood viscosity and support the normal contraction/relaxation of blood vessels.

By improving overall and peripheral circulation Seanol-S also enhances delivery of other healing ingredients to cells that are essential for normal healthy and healing functions of the cells being serviced.  By promoting and enhancing circulation to affected areas, Seanol-S amplifies the beneficial impacts of all of Menthonol’s healing ingredients. 

MENTHOL:  One of nature’s most effective pain relievers, menthol has analgesic properties that provide relief from many aches and pains.  In response to inflammation, menthol delivers a strong cooling sensation by stimulating receptors that recognize temperature change and cause “cold” signals to be sent to the brain providing relief from the painful “burning” of inflammation.  Menthol is approved by the US FDA for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with arthritis, strains, and minor backache.

CAMPHOR:  Counter-irritant properties deliver both cooling and heating sensations.  When applied camphor cools and numbs nerve endings and a short time later it warms the painful area as it increases healing circulation to stiff and sore muscles or joints.  This analgesic effect is highly effective in reducing or eliminating the pain messaging being transmitted from sore or injured areas of the body. Camphor is approved by the US FDA for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with arthritis, strains, and minor backache.

ARNICA OIL:  Potent healing properties are generally attributable to its thymol and helenalin compounds.  Both compounds can be effective as a vasodilator of subcutaneous blood capillaries, which helps facilitate the flow of blood and acts to promote healthy inflammatory responses and to assist normal healing processes.  Specifically, arnica oil aids in stimulating the flow of white blood cells, which process congested blood to help disperse trapped fluid from the joints, muscles and bruised tissue.

EMU OIL:  includes a powerful trans-dermal agent that can penetrate deep into and beyond the top layers of skin.  It contains high levels of linoleic acid, which is a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid known to ease joint discomfort and reduce swelling.

    Hope this was informative and you have a better understanding of why Menthonol is such a remarkable product.


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