"I got Menthonol for my wife who is having some chronic pain issues. I personally don't like topical pain products, but I thought I'd have my wife give this one a try. After her success, she suggested that I put it on my shoulder bursitis that I've been dealing with for a few years. I applied it and experienced relief within a matter of minutes. I've been using it consistently now...about once or twice a day for a month and I have little or no pain."  Rich& Anna H. - Henderson, Nevada


"Both my wife and I are very active hikers and bike riders. A few months ago my wife was in a car accident and was experiencing pretty severe neck pain. After several visits to the doctor, she wanted to know if there was a cream that she could put on her neck to help reduce the pain. A friend recommended Menthonol. Once I got it, I rubbed it on her neck and she experienced almost immediate relief. She's been using it daily. For me, all the hiking and walking that we do makes my ankles sore. I started using it before and after we go on our several mile walks. Menthonol really helped with pain and soreness in just a few minutes. It's made all the difference. This is good stuff and has worked well for both of us."  Mickey & Mary S - Broomfield, Colorado 


"First I have to let you know that I am the Marketing Consultant for Menthonol, so my experience could be interpreted as extremely biased. A little over a month ago I injured the bottom right rib, sometime referred to as a floating rib. I knew Menthonol was working because we have run consumer testing for other people. So I thought here's a perfect opportunity for me to test the product. Generally I don't have any real aches or pains and if I do I simply take Ibuprofen. But that wasn't working for this pain. The doctor and the chiropractor told me that is was going to be painful and could take up to 6-weeks before the pain would diminish. So I went ahead and applied the Menthonol. I was amazed how much it relieved the pain. I was still sore and if I moved the wrong way I could definitely feel it. But the Menthonol really did reduce the pain. I ended up using it 3-times a day, especially before I went to bed. I'm even more proud now to endorse this product because I can assure you...it works!  R. Jones - Lake Arrowhead, California 

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