What Menthonol Can Do for You

Menthonol Takes Care of Pain Fast

Menthonol® delivers immediate and intensive cooling, soothing relief to painful or stiff muscles and joints.  It combines the known pain relieving properties of menthol, camphor and arnica oil with the patented ingredient SEANOL®-S to create a new and uniquely powerful topical pain relief cream.  Both SEANOL®-S and arnica oil have health promoting properties that complement and enhance the efficacies of the other ingredients.  This potent new combination of ingredients that also utilizes time-release encapsulation technology creates a product that really works to provide long-lasting relief from your aches and pains. 

The key ingredient in Menthonol® that makes it unique and different from other pain creams is Seanol-S, a highly purified patented extract from marine algae with powerful health-promoting properties that include:  

  • Significant blood circulation improvements and overall promotion of vascular health that heals joints, muscles and surrounding tissue
  • Healthy inflammatory response properties that both heal and protect as a result of improved blood condition and flow
  • Strong anti-oxidant scavenging of free radicals promotes healthy cellular function
  • Improves joint and muscle function, flexibility, and strength

When tissue is impacted by unhealthy conditions due to injury, trauma, overuse, or exercise-induced damage, the tissue and its surrounding area become inflamed and circulation is often inhibited around the affected tissue resulting in chronic conditions including pain and compromised peripheral circulation.  These conditions can become critical causes of increased resistance of healing blood flow.  

The healing properties of Seanol-S directly mitigate the issues of compromised peripheral circulation by easing blood flow, widening or relaxing peripheral blood vessels, and improving conditions that impair healthy blood circulation.  The combined synergy of these properties gives Seanol-S the potential to exert a strong positive effect on peripheral circulation.  The improved condition and flow of blood reduces the stresses that impair cellular metabolism and healing processes.

By improving overall and peripheral circulation Seanol-S also enhances delivery of other healing ingredients to cells that are essential for normal healthy and healing functions of the cells being serviced.  By promoting and enhancing circulation to affected areas, Seanol-S amplifies the beneficial impacts of all of Menthonol’s healing ingredients.   


  • HEALING TOPICAL RELIEF For Joints and Muscles- Improves Overall Quality of Life
  • Delivers soothing topical relief from aches interfering with everyday living and activities
  • Penetrates deep below the skin into muscles and tissue to soothe and heal stiff, sore muscles and joints
  • Non-greasy formulation does not irritate skin and has a mild, pleasant short-lived scent
  • Supports cartilage in joints; promotes lubrication and cushioning for comfortable range of movements and healthy joint function
  • Promotes optimum cellular function by providing for a more balanced response to cellular stress
  • Supports joint health and a greater sense of joint comfort during physical activity
  • Enhances range of movement and motor function
  • Users have reported Menthonol to be as effective as some widely prescribed products in providing relief to joint discomfort and stiffness
  • Especially beneficial to those who as a result of aging, work or other activities experience discomfort in their muscles, joints or other areas impacting movement, mobility, strength, and flexibility.


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